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Full-Leg Wound Wrap
Full-Leg Wound Wrap

Full-Leg Wound Wrap

The horseRAP™ Full-Leg Wound Wrap is designed for post-operative/post-injury equine care. Full-Leg Wound Wraps are infused with SMARTSILVER®, an additive that provides lasting antimicrobial protection. The stretch absorbent material, provides a light compression/soft tissue support and secures sterile dressings or SMARTSILVER® Poultice in place without the use of medical tapes.

  • Two-way zipper allows the wound to be checked periodically without removing the whole bandage
  • Comforts the horse during the healing process
  • Light compression/soft tissue support
  • Bandage can be zipped up on any side of the leg
  • SMARTSILVER® kills 99% of bacteria & fungus
  • Designed for controlled silver ion release - providing long lasting protection
  • Will not thermally or UV degrade
  • Effects of the infused silver lasts through 30+ washings
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